Promote your video resumé to Midwestern Manufacturing Executives.

What is Midwest Manufactured?

Midwest Manufactured is targeted to Executives of manufacturers in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri. We host company video profiles called Midwest Manufactured Live, and we send regular emails with relevant news, events, and now – job candidates.

Promote yourself to executives of Midwestern Manufacturing Companies

This is a great, affordable opportunity for graduates looking for full-time positions and students looking for internships. We’ll promote you to our readers and viewers. Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date.
  2. Be prepared to upload your resumé to host on our site.
  3. Create a video profile of yourself (ideally, less than 1 minute) and send it to us (we can host it on our YouTube channel), or give us the link.
  4. Purchase your resume promotion. We’ll review your resume and video to make sure it meets our quality guidelines. If so, we’ll get you queued up for promotion. If not, we’ll give you some feedback and review once you’ve touched things up.


Promote your resume now

Video resumé promotion included above content.

We feature up to three candidates per week at the top of our email newsletter. We limit this number to keep exposure high and review every candidate’s content quality to ensure that we’re only recommending polished candidates. Featured profiles will also be listed on the homepage (coming soon).

Ready to get started? Submit your resumé.

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How we ensure quality candidates

We review your resumé quality. We don’t verify your facts, but we may make remarks about typos, grammatical issues, layout, or other things. We want you to come across great! We will also review your video and may provide pointers to make sure that our audience will find you engaging.

You can accept or decline our comments, but we have the right to decline your request to be promoted across our network. Remember, we speak to executives – and you should speak as such. We’re here to help you!

How to create a video resumé

Creating a video resume can be as simple as using your computer’s camera and microphone. It’s fast and easy – dress professionally, and with an interesting background, you’re in context and can still stand out.

Here’s a sample with some quick tips to create your video resumé:

You can also use a video graphics creation service such as to create an eye-catching animation if you’re not comfortable being on camera. View an example here.

You can use your phone camera and do the same thing as above. You’ll probably get great results from most modern phones!

What to say in your video resumé

Keep it brief – we’re shooting for an elevator pitch, not a book chapter. Keep these other tips in mind:

  • Dress professionally – you’re looking to sell yourself; don’t be distracting by not dressing for the job you want
  • Be personable – smile, relax – you’re a person, so be one – people hire people! Be memorable in some way if you feel comfortable
  • Give a brief background or highlight of one thing that led you to where you’re looking now
  • Tell us what you’re best suited for (in your opinion)